The better beaches of Fortaleza, Brazil

Published on January 28, 2013, 2:40 pm

Fortaleza has about 25 km of urban beaches. As in almost all northeast of Brazil, the coloring turquoise forms a splendid contrast with the blue sky is a warm and mild during all seasons of year. The capital of Ceará state has huge tourism demand and invest to have adequate infrastructure,  modern hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities such as a large water park that attracts tourists every year. From north to south, the main urban beaches in Fortaleza are: Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Praia do Futuro.

Iracema Beach

Iracema Beach, the bohemian’s beach, as it is known, is near the downtown. At right, a breakwater divides with Iracema Meireles Beach. On the south side, to the English Bridge (Metallic), the old port of city. It is the beach where there is the largest concentration of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. It is optimal for night on Tabajaras Street.
There is also the cultural center and the Sea Dragon Pirate nightclub, which are references for residents and visitors to Fortaleza.
As Mucuripe and Meireles, the Iracema beach is not recommended for  seabath, the existence of dangerous reefs there are problems with water quality. For bathing is bether to choose  Praia do Futuro.

Meireles Beach

Foto: Tata Motoya

The Meireles Beach stay between Iracema and Mucuripe. It is located on Avenida Beira Mar, where are some of the best hotels in Fortaleza. The region has several restaurants with national and international cuisine such as Japanese, Italian, fast food and “tents” along the boardwalk Avenue. The beach of Meireles is most used for walking and hiking. The wide sidewalks and and many commercial and tourist. There is a Handcraft Market, which works every day. Fortaleza has a very strong local commerce in handcrafts from various regions of the Northeast of Brazil,  as a family tradition work the prices are relatively low. The Feirinha Beira-Mar, or the Nautical Feirinha in Fortaleza, is one of the most traditional visitation of tourists are hundreds of stalls.

Praia de Mucuripe

Mucuripe is the beach of the rafts. Walking the boardwalk, you’ll see a large fleet of “rafts” their colorful sails, usually small fishing boats, used as a means of sustenance of life for many fishing families. You’ll can observe the fishermen helping each other in the light manual labor and using rafts behind the boards plump. It’s a beautiful show of cooperation and teamwork. On the beach there Mucuripe the Lighthouse Museum, opened in 1846, it is a lighthouse that has worked for 111 years until it was closed in 1957. At end of the beach avenue, where people will buy fish, lobster, squid and shrimp fisheries fruits of fishermen.

Praia do Futuro

The most popular beach for sea bathing in Fortaleza is the Praia do Futuro(Future Beach) the only one where you can bathe in the sea without worries – water pollution is a reality in almost every urban stretch.
The beach is located on Dioguinho Avenue, and is the most popular of Fortaleza, famous for its crabs, fried fish and baked fish stew called. It is also permeated by good live music with jazz, blues and MPB(typical brazilian music). The Praia do Futuro also has the famous tents of Avenida Diogo Zeze, who have shows forró bands, another typical regional rythm. Every Thursday night, it happens the traditional Caranguejada (several kinds of food prepared with Crab).
The Praia do Futuro is approximately 7 km long and, in addition to the bather, is preferred by surfers. Clear waters and stronger waves set the tone sea Ceará.